Acure Argan Oil Probiotic Sensitive Facial Cream


As predicted, today ended up being a snow day.  Good thing I paid attention to the weather forecast and brought my company laptop home, so I could work remotely.  Our community theater rehearsals had to be cancelled, too.  Since I will be pretty busy once this snow clears up, I’m taking advantage of not having to drive 2 hours and putting out another review for those of you who are looking for less toxic personal care and beauty products.

Since I decided to switch to nontoxic beauty products in 2012 in an attempt to improve my hypothyroidism symptoms, I’ve tried quite a few facial lotions. This particular one is a recent purchase. After about two years of using safer products and still experiencing occasional breakouts, I finally decided I should probably try a lotion for sensitive skin.

Acure is one of my favorite brands (nontoxic or otherwise), so I felt that trying another one of their products was a safe bet. This lotion is for dry and sensitive skin, and I have both, especially during the winter. On Vitacost, I found it for $17.99, and it is a 1.75 fl oz bottle. As usual, I was happy with my purchase.

This lotion has a thick, silky feel and a mild scent, probably from the chamomile. Like I said, this lotion is thick, so I may not be able to use it during the summer months, because I tend to get oily. It’s great for the winter, though. It really locks in moisture! Bonus: since I began using it as a day lotion, I have had fewer breakouts.

Since it is a thick lotion for dry skin, I have to give it a bit longer to absorb than other lotions I’ve used. Once my skin soaks this lotion in, it feels soft and my makeup goes on smoothly. I definitely recommend using this if you have dry, sensitive skin. If you’re like me and only have the issue during the winter, it might be one to use during those dry winter months.  Thanks for reading!

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